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About Us
Cornerstone India Foundation is presently focused on education and presently running a School and Therapeutic Centre for Differently Abled Children since 2014 with the following objectives:-
  • Dignified inclusion of PWDs in the main stream society
  • Give them a meaningful and dignified life
  • Provide best care and support to PWDs and caregivers
  • To develop PWDs as future human resources
  • Supporting families of PWDs to cope up with the situation of handling a person with disability
  • Helping society to change their attitude towards PWDs from sympathy to empathy
  • Creating a happy and joyful environment
  • Helping PWDs to realize their full potential and to work towards it.
Cornerstone is dedicated to bringing out the full potential among differently abled children. We are also trying to bring awareness in society for complete inclusion of these children into the mainstream. To achieve this, we conduct various programs and include neuro typical children (normal) to help and observe the life of a special need child (Students of many schools have been beneficiaries of this program). These activities help normal children to have a renewed outlook towards the goodness of life and its realities. This also gives joy to a special need child of finding true friends who have empathy and not sympathy. In recent past we had conducted several summer camps, workshops, seminars, Nukkad Natak, Road shows and sports activities for differently abled children in Greater Noida and invited  neuro typical children to interact with special need children. We take care of most of the disabilities including learning disabilities except for visual impairment

We need to make inclusion real!

Our Vision

Seeking Social Justice & Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Working towards an Inclusive Society

  • One window solution to all needs of PwDs

  • Sensitization of Society at Large

  • Advocacy

  • Skill Development for PwDs

  • Empowering Academicians towards Special Need Children

  • Resource Development for Caregivers

  • Research in the field

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