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Our Offerings

Assessment and Counselling

​​Assessment and counselling

Comprehensive assessment includes psycho-diagnostic evaluations, educational evaluations and developmental assessments of various developmental disorders using standardized tools

Assessments are done mainly to understand a child’s cognitive, behavioural, social, emotional, academic, and executive functioning areas and to determine a child’s strength and weaknesses which helps to recommend effective interventions.

We offer intervention services like behavioral Therapy for children and adolescence behavioral issues and also developmental counseling, parental counseling and behavioral counseling. 


Intervention strategies are based on a detailed understanding of the basic psychological needs of children and adolescents with developmental and intellectual challenges, and how the family and other social contexts influence the socio-emotional adjustment, cognitive development, behavioral adaptation and health status of children and adolescents. This allows for the setting of positive goals, rather than concentrating on deficits or problems. Intervention is based on developing  personal strengths and identifying support needs, which will help the child with developmental delay, achieve his potential to the maximum best.


We also provide services in identifying, diagnosing and guiding parents and teachers concerned about a child’s progress in mainstream schools. 


In a case of parents not being able to identify the special need of their child, Schools and other sources often refer students to Cornerstone for assessment and further help.


Special Education

Special Needs Education is education for students with or without disabilities, in consideration of their individual educational needs, which aims at full development of their potentials keeping this in mind Cornerstone center helps students with specific learning needs with one-on-one remedials to help students cope -up with the academic difficulties.

NIOS : The center is also having a wing for helping students enrolled in NIOS (National Institute for Open Schooling) where children are fulfilling their dream of attaining education at their own learning pace. The curriculum for NIOS is the same as that of CBSE board of Education but an easier level. The classes offered are : Class 3; Class 5; Class 8; Class10 and Class 10

Please go to our NIOS Page for more information

Shadow teacher

Every child has the ‘Right to education’ and should attend school. Cornerstone too believes in “INCLUSION” of children with disabilities in mainstream (if not severe) and to fulfill that dream of parents and students Cornerstone guides and provides shadow teachers to the child within the mainstream classroom to help the child follow the mainstream classroom routines. Our shadows are
already working in White Canvas School (currently) and DLF (past)

Family support through empowerment

We believe parents are the best teachers and so parents are also empowered in the field of disability. We at Cornerstone help willing parents to gain proper knowledge about the field which not only helps their own child but also other children by providing theoretical and practical knowledge for the same. One such initiative is providing –Shadow Teacher Training and teaching practices of special education.

Vocational Training

Every parent has a dream that his/her child should live an independent life where he/she can fulfill their basic needs. Keeping this in mind vocational and skill based training-The need of the hour the students with disabilities or school dropouts entering their teens are provided with the vocational skills where they learn different skills in order to lead a happy and engaged life. The various areas of work include:

  • Machine work (operating shredding machine, lamination, Photostat, binding etc.)

  • Data entry skills and Typing

  • Chocolate making

  • Culinary skills (chopping, cutting, cooking & packaging)

  • Jewelry making

Projects in pipeline are:

  • Spice making and packing

  • Sheltered workshop where the trained children can be provided with the employment.

Please contact us for further information on the above.

Vocational Training
Special Education
Family Support
Shadow Teacher
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